How To Use Facebook For Marketing Your Fashion Business

In today’s global age, you can find everything online. That’s why many consider this to be the Golden Age of Marketing, given the many ways there are for reaching potential customers over the Internet. The fashion industry is currently flourishing online with all of these marketing opportunities that are available.

facebook marketing strategiesIt is very easy to set up an online shop. It isn’t necessary to sew even one stitch, with all the companies that provide world-class products these days. If your online fashion wholesale business (e.g. is from Malaysia, it’s the ideal time to get your business page set up on Facebook. The following are some of the best ways to market your goods using Facebook.


Facebook advertising is available to businesses to help them increase their visibility and market their goods. This option doesn’t cost that much. There are some very affordable options that are available that can help you reach a very large number of potential customers.

Share For Share

fb shareYou can reach more individuals with share for share. With this method you will need to share the other person’s page in return. Just be sure to not ask someone with the same inventory for a S4S unless your products sell for a lower price.

Join Groups

To get more individuals to give your more likes and patronize your shop, you should consider joining groups that let you advertise your merchandise. Join groups that have the kind of individuals that you cater to, whether they are regular customers, resellers or bloggers. Share albums and pictures of your products. This will help you reach even more potential customers. Before you share anything, get permission from the group administrators first. They might want you to follow a certain format for your post.

Hold Contests

You may want to consider giving freebies to individuals who “like” your page and then share your status. You can give the individual who drives the most likes something nice from your store. Another thing you can do is give out gift certificates or products. This will give your potential customers a strong incentive for sharing your status as frequently as possible. They can tell the individuals they invite to send you message so that you now who invited them. It might seem like it’s a bribe, however it will bring your business much needed visibility.

Find A Muse

When we say muse, this can be a blogger that you pay in cash or products to promote your products or it could be a friend with a large Facebook following. A majority of bloggers will be quite satisfied to receive freebies. However, more high-profile bloggers will probably want cash instead.

It is very easy to market your business using Facebook. Just remember to read your messages and notifications on a regular basis for orders and inquiries. If your business develops into a profitable enterprise, you may want to consider hiring an assistant to keep an eye on your Facebook account for you. It is easy to make money on Facebook. You just need to have a good understanding of what customers want. Then give them exactly that.

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