What We Do

As a digital marketer, we focus on 3 types of marketing strategies that fit everyone needs. These strategies are social marketing, search marketing and online advertising marketing (Adwords).

Social Marketing

facebook marketing

Our social marketing strategies focus on Facebook as the primary social media. We define set of blueprint start from how to setting up a Facebook page/group as well as how to promote and increase the popularity of the page. Here are few important steps in Facebook marketing:

  • Setting up SEO friendly Facebook Page/Group.
  • How to make your page looks professional.
  • How to get the first 100 likes/members.
  • Using Facebook Adverts to increase your likes/members and engagement at cheaper cost.
  • How to maintain the page engagement and increase the conversion.
  • How to create a viral buzz on your product/service through Facebook.

Search Marketing

SEO marketingAlso known as Search Engine optimization (SEO) marketing where we focus on bringing in free visitor from Google search engine. Do you know that Google has over 3.5 billion searches per day? Google still provides the biggest potential traffic to your website. A proper SEO marketing plan can help you bring in free traffic at much lower cost in longer term. However, search marketing often take longer time to see the result as ranking a site naturally often take 3-6 months. Here is what we can help:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website auditing
  • On-page optimization to make sure your site is SEO friendly.
  • Setting up Google Analytics, WebMaster Tool and Google Place.
  • Off-page optimization to rank your site organically.
  • Ranking monitoring

Online Advertising Marketing

adwords marketingOur strategies focus on Google Adwords where can help to do proper keyword analysis, find the best keyword to bid at the lowest cost but at the same time bringing in high conversion traffics. This type of marketing strategies often generates instant traffic once your ads are up. But it will cost higher compare to other marketing strategies as you need to constantly pay up the advertising fees to keep your ad running. This is can good option for those who are waiting for their search marketing to be succeeded.

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